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Softball Injuries

Phase I of a study on the costs, causes and prevention of recreational softball injuries


Softball is the most popular participant sport in America. Each season more than 40 million individuals engage in organized leagues that sponsor an estimated 23 million softball games. These games are also the source of more recreational sports injuries than any other single sport. This study examined the frequency and probable causes of softball injuries, the costs associated with them and possible options for prevention. This retrospective study showed an average of 7.2 injuries per 100 games played in representative adult-amateur league play over a two-year period. On a national basis, if more than 7% of all games result in injuries requiring acute medical care, the personal losses and health care costs are significant. Base sliding was the cause of 71% of the injuries in the study sample. The concentration of injuries resulting from this one activity make it a likely candidate for rules changes, better training, or modifications in the design of bases, as a means to reduce softball injuries.

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